Academic Enrichment

EAOP Session

EAOP Staff providing academic enrichment workshop at one of our partnership schools.

Academic enrichment activities supplement, extend and enhance classroom instruction. The goal is to bridge the gap between secondary school education and college-level curriculum.

Fundamental knowledge activities reinforce concepts participants are learning in the classroom, weekly.

Academic proficiency activities emphasize the mastery of academic concepts in advanced classes. Activities will also prepare participants to undertake more rigorous research/study opportunities.

Scholastic enhancement activities \engage students in the intellectual life of the university through study and research opportunities with faculty, undergraduate and/or graduate-level students. Specifically, activities prepare participants to compete at the highest levels by providing academic experiences that surpass those provided through traditional high school curriculum.

Scheduled acdemic enrichment activities are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. View the schedule on the EAOP events calendar.