Family College Advisors

EAOP Family College Advising

Our Family College Advising service offers one-on-one college admissions advising to EAOP students and families.  We provide college and scholarship assistance to high school seniors. We help students fill out their applications to UC’s, CSU’s, Community and Private colleges, as well as scholarships and financial aid applications (FAFSA, Dream Act, etc.).

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Meet our Advisors:



Beatriz Aguilar
Family College Advisor

As an Advisor I will create momentum, and influence students in order to help pave their way into an institution. I bring flexibility and interactivity to students in order to understand their needs throughout their application process. I trust others to get things done, I will build trust with advisees in order to get their real stories out, and help them stand out. I will get satisfaction from the growth of others, because they have been through similar obstacles as myself. I love to provide relevant, tangible help when students need assistance step-by-step, and I will do my best to fulfill their needs.




Brenda Hernandez
Family College Advisor

As an advisor, I will work hard to ensure my advisees always have the resources that they need. My positivity allows me to remain upbeat and encourage my advisees to reach their full potential. In addition, I thoroughly enjoy learning from my advisees as much as I enjoy teaching them new things.






Jamie  Janchoi
Family College Advisor

As an advisor, I will guide my advisee and their family through the application process. I will bring reassurance and a willingness to learn about things that can help my advisee as they prepare for college and life beyond it. I believe that every person is unique and I will do my best and be attentive to my advisee's needs and desires for their future. 





Karla Soltero
Family College Advisor

I am an advisor who will plan in advance and then follow the plan. I am genuine, authentic and will bring a peace-loving, conflict-resistant approach. In addition, I love finding solutions to any problems I may encounter.





Francisco Valverde
Family College Advisor

As an advisor, I want to create an opportunity for students to have accessibility to higher education. Through reassurance and desire, I want to give my students the confidence that they can amount to anything they set their mind to no matter what comes their way. I am enthusiastic and committed to help these students pursue their dreams leaving a generational impact for future generations to come.




DrewDrew Watson
Family College Advisor

As an advisor I will dedicate myself to the success and achievement of my advisees. I want to see my advisees prosper, and to ensure that they do, I will be a constant support system to them, providing resources, organized plans, and knowledge I have learned from my own experiences. I am empathetic, patient, and flexible, and I only wish the best for my advisees. As an advisor, my main goal is to make sure that my advisees are happy with the path they are on, I want them to make decisions that feel right to them during the college application process, but most of all I want them to know that their contributions are important and that they can be successful no matter where they go.




Emily Aguilar
EAOP Family College Advisor Student Manager

As an Advisor, I will help my advisee when they encounter a problem in the application process. I will share resources and help with my advisees growth and performance. I am patient, committed and believe in my advisees potential. I set individual expectations and enjoy learning from my advisee, as well as sharing new information and experiences.