EAOP staff are dedicated to helping program participants and our community. The Code of Excellence identifies shared values, principles, and standards that guide EAOP staff in their conduct and decision-making. Administrators and undergraduate employees have the expectation that each EAOP staff member will take responsibility for his/her own actions and behavior.

Rogelio Villagrana

 Rogelio  Villagrana
  • Director

UC Davis Early Academic Outreach Program

Rosanna Ramirez

 Rosanna  Ramirez
  • Fiscal & Personnel Coordinator

Lori Fuller

 Lori  Fuller
  • Regional Assistant Director

Galt High School
Sacramento High School
Valley High School
Oak Park Prep. Middle School
Robert L. McCaffrey Middle School
Samuel Jackman Middle School

Monica Peña-Villegas

 Monica  Peña-Villegas
  • Regional Assistant Director

Esparto High School
Pioneer High School
Woodland High School
Douglass Middle School
Esparto Middle School
Lee Middle School

Sylvia Gillies

 Sylvia  Gillies
  • Regional Assistant Director

Hiram Johnson High School
Luther Burbank High School
River City High School
Fern Bacon Middle School
Riverbank Elementary School K8
Rosa Parks K8
Will C. Wood Middle School

Harold Stewart-Carballo

 Harold  Stewart-Carballo
  • Regional Assistant Director

Center High School
Florin High School
Foothill High School
Grant Union High School
Foothill Ranch Middle School
James Rutter Middle School
MLK, Jr. Technology Academy School

Ana Garcia

 Ana  Garcia
  • Regional Assistant Director

Inderkum High School
Natomas High School
Dixon High School
CA Jacobs Middle School
Gateways Middle School
Natomas Middle School