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EAOP students visiting UC Davis
EAOP students visiting UC Davis

Your tax deductionable gift to EAOP will go to support various outreach functions that help first generation and/or low income students and their families understand how to meet college admission requirements. Students will learn not only how to become eligible but competitively eligible so as to enhance their post secondary success.


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Michele Dyke Scholarship

Micheal dyke
Michele Dyke Once EAOP always EAOP

Michele Dyke Once EAOP always EAOP

Supporting Students on Their Path to College

For more than 30 years, Michele was an active member of the UC Davis community. Michele attended UC Davis and in 1986 earned her bachelor’s degree in Human Development. Her service to the campus community began when she was a student. She devoted much time to developing and strengthening campus programs that provided students the opportunity to succeed academically, become campus leaders and celebrate the rich African American history. She also served the campus through professional staff positions in Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid and the Early Academic Outreach Program, where she served as Director. In all of these capacities, Michele held firm to her goal of improving the pipeline and removing obstacles to higher education for students, especially students from under served communities.

The Michele Dyke Scholarship will support newly admitted EAOP students who enroll at UC Davis. Students must have participated in EAOP at high schools in the five regions served by the UC Davis EAOP. Students must demonstrate leadership qualities, community service and a passion for helping others

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