Youth Engagement

                                    Services for Youth

                                                               The EAOP Way
                                                         “Learning can be fun!”


With an understanding of different learning styles, we pride ourselves on sharing information and providing age-appropriate, comprehensive content through interactive activities and engaging presentations.

Our unique approach allows us to build relationships with young people and provide information that is most relevant to their needs.


College Preparation


How to be a competitive University Applicant

    A-G/AP/IB Courses


Extracurricular Activities

Leadership Roles


Scholarships 101: Applying Now 

 Identify how to use one’s skills/interests to apply for scholarships

Advice/tips on application process

 Local scholarships vs. national scholarships

 Current open scholarships/ where to find them

 Practice filling out scholarship application


Financial Aid

 Understand the financial aid process for college; how to apply, when to apply, and where to apply

In depth review of grants, loans, scholarships, and work-study

 Current college student testimonies


UC Admissions &

Personal Insight Questions

                                Holistic Review: The 14 Factors               

 In depth review of the application process

 Mistakes to avoid and tips for responding to the personal insight questions



               Professional Development and Skill Building


Resume Building and Job Interview Skills

Learn how to create a resume

 Job application tips

 Preparing for an interview

 Showcasing one’s talents


Leadership Development

 Understand the importance of developing leadership skills

 Participate in activities to learn about the qualities of leaders

 How to get involved in community service and extracurricular activities


Event Planning

 Essential elements for event planning

 Risk management strategies

 Getting started and creating a timeline


Time management and organization

 Effective time management practices

 Tools for successful organization as a student

Creating SMART goals


Public Speaking and presentation skills

 Essential elements of an effective presenter

 Overcoming public speaking fears and anxiety

 Practice presenting


What We Provide 

All materials and handouts

Food (if requested)

What You Provide

Room reservation

Room setup