EAOP staff are dedicated to helping program participants and our community. The Code of Excellence identifies shared values, principles, and standards that guide EAOP staff in their conduct and decision-making. Career and undergraduate employees have the expectation that each EAOP staff member will take responsibility for his/her own actions and behavior.


Rogelio Villagrana


UC Davis Early Academic Outreach Program

 Monica Peña-Villegas

Associate Director

Celeste Romero Medina

Fiscal & Personnel Coordinator

Liliana Lara Hazel

Community Engagement Coordinator

Mayra Meza-Chavez

Regional Assistant Director

Esparto High School
Pioneer High School
Woodland High School
Douglass Middle School
Esparto Middle School
Lee Middle School

Harold Stewart-Carballo

Regional Assistant Director

Florin High School
Foothill High School
Grant Union High School
Foothill Ranch Middle School
James Rutter Middle School
MLK, Jr. Technology Academy School

Martin Valencia-Estay