Family Engagement

With the understanding that families are the foundation for a child's success in school, EAOP has a parental educational component. The time a parent spends with their child has a positive effect on their child's education. By working with families, EAOP provides practical and educational information that continues to support the student's educational goal. Activities range from evening workshops, short courses, and weekend on-campus programs.

Parent/Guardian working together with their student towards the goal of post-secondary success.

Family Involvement: Activities designed to engage a participant's family and its member in college process.

School Involvement: Activities conducted that build knowledge and capacity of school practitioners in helping a greater number of participants prepare for, apply to and enroll into postsecondary institutions while promoting a college-going culture at the school site.

Non-EAOP Partner Schools: If you are not one of our EAOP partner schools, and interested in developing a fee for service partnership, please contact Rogelio Villagrana at