Resources for Parents

Planning early and getting accurate information is important for designing your future. Here are some Web resources to:

Parents attending a evening workshop at one of our partnership schools.

Explore College and Career Options

 Explore the options for colleges in California and career possibilities.

Get Information from the US Department of Education

The US Department of Education has information especially for parents about how to help your child in school and other useful information.

Find Tips for Student Success and Strategies for Parent Involvement

The Parent Teacher Association has tips and strategies for student success, parent involvement, health and wellness, and much more.

Help Pay for College

The FAFSA Forecaster can give you an early estimate of how much federal aid you may qualify for, as well as give you information about how financial aid can help you pay for college.

Find Resources for your Community

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund has information and resources for Latino students and families, including scholarships.

The Southeast Asian Resource Action Center has information and resources for Southeast Asian students and families.

The National Urban League Education and Youth Division works to improve educational opportunities for African American Students and Families.

The California Indian Education has information and resources for Native American Students and Families.