College Knowledge

The college knowledge activities emphasize the value of a college education and provide accurate and timely information to students, their families and educators. Workshops and campus tours help participants and their families navigate preparing for college, applying and enrolling.

Students exploring their different college options based on meeting the admission criteria.

Workshops also include an overview of California's postsecondary education options that aids students in deciding which type of institution they want to attend after graduating from high school.  As well as how to fill out college applications and apply for financial aid and scholarships. 

Informational development activities assist participants with understanding the similarities and differences between the intersegmental institutions of higher education (i.e., University of California, California State University, California Community Colleges). The activities promote a greater understanding of an institutions’ environment, major of study, application process, and educational resources that will support a participant’s retention and graduation towards a college degree.

Personal Development: Activities emphasizing the importance of extra-curricular activities, leadership development, and promote a participant’s personal development in unique talents/skills. The designed activities promote a participant towards being a well-rounded student in non-academics related objectives that enhances a participant's selection to competitive institutions.