Academic Advising

EAOP Staff providing academic advising.

The staff provides academic advising and counseling services to EAOP participants. By monitoring a student's academic progress, EAOP staff can advise students on the course sequence necessary to meet eligibility for admission to California's system of higher education.  

Academic advising activities introduce and promote successful completion of the high school course patterns that lead to access to higher education. Specifically, the activities facilitate completing the "a-g" subject requirements, prepare the participant to meet minimally the eligibility requirements for selective colleges and universities, inform the participant about the importance of selecting courses with academic rigor and the impact of course grades.

The activities are classified in three categories:

Advising: These activities help participants to calculate the impact of today's decisions on future outcomes based on academic resources made available.

Counseling: These activities help participants to resolve or cope constructively with challenges, problems and developmental concerns that affect course completion. They also positively impact participants at risk of not completing rigorous course subjects.

Guidance: These activities provide essential information for navigating college preparation. Activities concentrate on providing participants with personal networks (social capital), class-based knowledge and habits (cultural capital) that promote successful academic outcomes.