EAOP's Commitment

EAOP Students and their Parents/Guardians celebrating their commitment to achieveing post secondary success.

EAOP focuses on preparing a well-rounded participant who has the ability to succeed academically. Students participate in rigorous academic programs, an array of advising services, test preparation and test-taking programs, culturally enriching activities and opportunities. These are the categorical standards of the program in which we commit.

  • We commit to providing on-going academic advising for participants to support successful completion of the required 'a-g' course pattern in California and to increase the available opportunities to pursue postsecondary education upon high school graduation. The standard is known as "Academic Advising."
  • We commit to supporting students to improve their academic skills, to master advanced high school curriculum, and developing opportunities for all participants. The standard is known as "Academic Enrichment."
  • We commit to providing participants and their families, as well as educators the receipt of appropriate and necessary information to assist and prepare for enrollment of participants into institutions of higher education. The standard is known as "College Knowledge."
  • We commit to preparing participants to take the college entrance exams necessary for eligibility to selective colleges and universities. The standard is known as "Entrance Exams."


Areas of Support

EAOP Student remembering what they learned from the previous years EAOP sessions.

If you are enrolled into the program, here is what you can expect:

Academic Advising: EAOP will follow your progress through high school and give you advice about which classes to take to help you stay on track for college eligibility.

College Choices: EAOP will help you research your college choices. You may also visit a college campus and speak to college students!

Exam Preparation: EAOP will provide information about two important college entrance exams: the ACT and the SAT.

Applying to College: EAOP will help you complete your college application and give you tips on how to write a strong personal statement.

Paying for College: EAOP will give you information about where you can find money to help pay for college, including scholarships, grants, and loans.